Baby Bird Buster Bluth

I’ve been planning on marathoning Arrested Development’s past seasons on Netflix in anticipation of the new season on May 26. Partly I wanted to catch-up on George Michael, Job and Maebe and partly I wanted to get back in the mood for the show. But that has been accomplished in the <2 minute clip below. Arrested Development, I'm ready for you.


Quack Attack

donald duck

My favorite Christmas Eve news comes out of Sweden, where we learn that at 3PM on December 24th anywhere from 36% – 50% of the country gathers around their televisions and watches Disney Christmas cartoons featuring Donald Duck. To put that in perspective, if, on the low end, 36% of Americans did this, we would have 109 MILLION people watching a 51 year-old cartoon in the middle of the day. 109 million people have never watched the same show at the same time on television in the US. Nowhere near. The most watched tv ever was the finale of MASH with 50 million viewers. With so many tv channels, DVR, Hulu, etc., we will never come anywhere near that again.

I kinda love the idea of a whole country stopping, dropping and rolling over to their tv for some old school Disney nostalgia.

Source: Slate