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Doritos Taco. It's on.
My first Doritos Locos taco manufactured food product!

+ Fast Company has a long read on my favorite new food product, Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos taco. There are people in the world who think Taco Bell is nasty. There are people in the world who accept Taco Bell as an essential stop on a road trip. These are my people. Don’t get too judgey, now – I rarely get the chance to eat it. There are none near me in NYC and those that do exist are in filthy locations like Penn Station or end up being literally infested with rats (yup, I was eating there during that infestation time). So no Taco Bell here for me, thank you. It’s probably better that way. I get it a handful of times when I’m visiting home. If you’re on team Taco Bell, you’ll probably love the tidbits in the article, like that they made a point to have the Doritos cheese dust remain on your hands while eating the tacos and that each location had to hire new staff to deal with the popularity of the taco and that a ‘Taco Bell flavored’ variety of Doritos is coming to a grocery near you.

+ Did the movie Kids have an impact on you? It was THE movie to see among my friends in high school. The alternative kids.. you know. That and Clerks. Narrative.ly (nice Libyan domain there) did a ‘Where Are They Now?’ feature on the film’s cast. Two are dead, all are in their late 30s+ and the director is 70. Man alive, this doesn’t feel right. It’s interesting that the cast feels like the film captured a lost era in NYC that was a little wilder. You can really feel it in the film. And while I can’t claim to have my finger on the pulse of today’s NYC youth, they do seem sheltered and missing that wild child spirit of the 90s.

+ More in ‘kids today’: Prom-goers are posting their prom dresses on Facebook so others won’t wear the same dresses. Kind of takes the fun out of seeing everyone dolled up on prom night, no? I would like to point these dresse out to Nina Garcia and Heidi Klum, neither of whom ever attended prom and both who insisted, while judging Project Runway, that girls strictly wear short dresses to prom. Not the case, seniorita and frauline.

+ The politics of pooping in the office.

+The Best Onion Headlines of the week:
Obama Explains How They Get All Those Cars On The Back Of One Of Those Trucks
Rescue Chip Sent In To Save Broken Tostito Submerged In 7-Layer Dip
Social Media Rock Star Makes $28,000 Per Year