Movie Trailer: Which Way to the Front Line From Here?

You know how in life there are those random moments that seem like nothing but you end up remembering forever? Two years ago, I remember working from home, sitting on my couch, when I got a message from my BFF Jill. She was working with photographers at the New York Auto Show who were freaking out because (from what I gathered) their photojournalist friends had been killed. The news soon broke on Twitter that it was Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros. I got sucked into an Internet black hole of researching the two of them and their photographs. I hadn’t known of either of them before, but learned they were both well-established, respected and genuinely loved by their peers.

If you can fire up your ma’s HBO Go account, I suggest you check out a documentary focusing on Tim – Which Way to the Front Line?. Tim’s work from Liberia to Afghanistan to Libya, where he was killed in 2011 while working, is incredible. He shows us an Afghanistan that I never knew existed. I’m grateful he put himself out there so we can see parts of the world unfamiliar to us, but what it worth his life? Yeah, this movie is a bummer. Watch when you’re ready to hate yourself for how good you have it.


December 07, 1941

I’m sorry this is a day late.

Have you ever seen the attack on Pearl Harbor.. in color?

Check out the Iconic Photos blog for more. It is one of my favorites.

Here’s Abe Lincoln hanging out at Antietam, looking unreal.

Here’s KGB Agent Vladimir Putin pretending to be a tourist in order to meet Reagan.

Here is the most important picture of 1996.

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PS – Back to the original subject matter, my personal trivia from a visit in the mid 90s to Pearl Harbor : The USS Arizona IS still leaking oil and most everyone is a Japanese tourist getting their picture taken while smiling with a peace sign. Americans, please continue to NEVER do that at Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dresden, etc.