Movie Trailer: Which Way to the Front Line From Here?

You know how in life there are those random moments that seem like nothing but you end up remembering forever? Two years ago, I remember working from home, sitting on my couch, when I got a message from my BFF Jill. She was working with photographers at the New York Auto Show who were freaking out because (from what I gathered) their photojournalist friends had been killed. The news soon broke on Twitter that it was Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros. I got sucked into an Internet black hole of researching the two of them and their photographs. I hadn’t known of either of them before, but learned they were both well-established, respected and genuinely loved by their peers.

If you can fire up your ma’s HBO Go account, I suggest you check out a documentary focusing on Tim – Which Way to the Front Line?. Tim’s work from Liberia to Afghanistan to Libya, where he was killed in 2011 while working, is incredible. He shows us an Afghanistan that I never knew existed. I’m grateful he put himself out there so we can see parts of the world unfamiliar to us, but what it worth his life? Yeah, this movie is a bummer. Watch when you’re ready to hate yourself for how good you have it.


Movie Trailer: Bling Ring

When this story came our in real life, I was uninterested: A group of no-name Hollywood brats burgles a group of famous Hollywood brats. Yawn. But Sofia Coppola did take interest in it, added Emma Watson and turned it into her follow-up to Somewhere, also set in Hollywood. She is one of the directors whose movies I will probably see by default, regardless of subject matter. We’ll know more next month after it premieres at Cannes.

Star Wars: Episode I

I saw Star Wars: Episode I at a midnight showing in 1999. How exciting was THAT? We had no idea what a crapbucket the movie would be. At least it was only $7.00.


I haven’t seen it since then and have no desire to. I actually block out of my mind that Liam Neeson who will find you and will kill you, Ewan MacGregor and Natalie Portman were even in it. But I came across this picture of Natalie as Padme Amidala recently:


And THAT worked for me. Stunning. The kabuki makeup, the epic shoulders on that cape, the hair horns. I actually had this picture up in my dorm room. I thought maybe the costume or makeup here would have won the movie some respect, but no. It was mostly Golden Razzies for them. Worst of the worst.

I’ll be happy to be proven wrong (really, that would be awesome) but I have no hope for Episode VII, even if George Lucas is uninvolved. Let’s check back in two years.