Saturday Funday: Gowanus Edition

jill in brooklyn

Top left: Typical view from brunch, Brooklyn Homebrew sign, BFF Jill, Beautiful latte

Today is one of the few perfect times of year in NYC. Summer is almost always too hot, which leads to a sweaty commute. Both ways. We are surrounded by swampland, after all. Winter can be not so bad, unless it’s windy, which it often is. So for a few weeks in April-May and September-October, there is no better time to enjoy the city. Yesterday, I had breakfast with my bff Jill at Runner and Stone in Gowanus, the world’s worst named neighborhood. We decided to take a walk, enjoying the weather, and did some ridiculously Brooklyn things, including:
-browsing a terrarium store. all terrariums, all the time
-buying pie in a pie shop with mega rude employees who tried to kill us with their glares
-browsing a beer brewing shop, where you can buy kits to make your own beer

No purchase were made, other than rude pie. I almost bought a bag of espresso there, but the employees were so awful – I didn’t want to spend my monies there. When we got to the front of the line, they glared at us, not saying anything until we just said our order. Awkward. Then they glared again when we wanted our pie to go after not asking either way. Sorry we’re trying to spend money in your shop. Bye, now.

Positive note – The staff at Runner and Stone were so pleasant and customer-friendly in a way that you have to assume they are not native New Yorkers. Big ups to friendly customer service people!