Instagram Follow: @dguttenfelder

Instagram is one of my favorite apps to come along in recent years. I do a quick scroll through updates several times throughout the day. I like that it gives you a little glimpse of people’s lives without having to deal with Facebook, although technically, yes, I know I’m using a Facebook product. I mostly follow a small-ish list of people I know personally, but one of my favorites is David Guttenfelder, the Chief AP Photographer in Asia. He posts near-daily snapshots from North Korea, which just recently opened up wireless networks to some foreign journalists. There is nowhere else I’d more like to see snapshots of everyday life. Check him out on Instagram. If you log in, you can follow him directly on there.

Here’s a bit from NBC Nightly News about David:

And a nice interview with David at National Geographic.

David has a Tumblr.

And I’m on Instagram, too.