Things We Learned About Victoria Beckham


Not VB ~ photo from tumblr

-Tom Ford takes 3 baths a day.

-She carries to work a MacBook Pro, iPad, iPad mini, iPhone

-She spends “30 minutes” getting ready.

-They left their bulldog, for now, in LA when they moved to London.

-She doesn’t drink much alcohol because she’s up with the baby, not because it has calories or anything.

More from Vicky B at Harper’s Bazaar


Steve Carrell, Fine Wine

Maybe my tastes are just maturing, but Steve Carrell is getting significantly better with age, no? Remember the pilot of The Office (that hair!)



And Steve today, 13 years later with the beard and glasses? Yes, please.


How to Wash Pillows

How to Wash Pillows

Photo Credit: Jill

It never even occurred to me that I could wash my pillows. I didn’t particularly like the condition they were in, but my brain didn’t make the leap to ‘so wash them’.  But that’s what Pinterest is for, isn’t it? Because approx 62% of my friends pinned this recently, I couldn’t NOT see it. And, don’tcha know, it works! I omitted Borax because I don’t have Borax. Otherwise, follow as instructed, for clean, fluffy and fresh pillows.

This originally came from Jill’s Pinterest.
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Good Reads

Are you on GoodReads? I am! If you’re unfamiliar, it’s a site that lets you track your books, keep a list of those you want to read, see what your friends are reading and get recommendations based on your past reads. They set up a Reading Challenge each year that lets you set a # of books you want to read and keeps track of your progress throughout the year. Right now I’m one book ahead of schedule, phew.

2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
Kellie has
read 4 books toward her goal of 24 books.

I am positive it has kept me on task with my reading – something that is important to me but I still needed that little push to make it happen. As evidence, I can see on Good Reads that I’ve gone from 3 -> 14 -> 16 -> 24 books read over the past 4 years. 24 is my goal again this year. Two books a month should be doable, right?

It’s only February but my favorite book so far this year is How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran. If the title troubles you, try to look past it. I’m hoping to read one or two classics that I’ve missed out on (there are so many!) like Pride and Prejudice, which turns 200 this year.

The New York Times discovered Good Reads, too.

How They Work

I love Lifehacker and have been reading it for years, maybe even since it launched or shortly after. They have taught me the glory of things I have adopted – Google docs, Dropbox, proper knife skills and some things I haven’t, like Evernote.

One of my favorite features on the site is called ‘How I Work’ which asks interesting and/or well-known people to fill out a survey on, yes, how they work. From essential gadgets, to sleep routine, to best advice received. This week, the staff is filling out their own ‘How I Work’ features. What could be better – lifehacking’s #1 tips from the Lifehackers themselves. 

Some recurring themes I’ve noticed – Most aren’t, like me, firmly in the Apple OR PC camp. Many use Evernote. Many use a standing desk. Most sleep regular hours, which is to say a strict bedtime. Most are introverts who make it work for them.

Check out the newest How I Work here. Along the right side of the page you’ll see older How I Work features from Felicia Day, Tim Ferriss, Guy Kawasaki, Maria Popova and more.

Summer Reading

It’s the official kickoff to Summer Reading season, where you are contractually relieved of guilt over never having finished Infinite Jest (it still looks nice on the bookshelf, though). To start the season right, I stopped by my neighborhood Barnes and Noble yesterday to get some book ideas.

I feel compelled to say that I just made a list of books to get for my Kindle. I still buy hardbacks and probably moreso than the average bear, but I don’t feel like I have to buy summer books. They are for enjoying and disposing. I did, however, find a new book of essays by Jonathan Franzen that I made a point to purchase a little later in the year.

A few other books I jotted down and got for my Kindle:

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green – I chose this by judging its cover and (surprise!) it ends up being Young Adult fiction about a girl with cancer in Indianapolis! She goes to the Castleton Mall, Holiday Park, etc. All my old haunts. 

I chose Just Kids by Patti Smith because everyone raves about it and mostly because I was intrigued after reading a profile that I thought was in the New Yorker, but now I can’t find.


Most Talkative by Andy Cohen – In it for the gossip. If I had cable, I’d fall asleep to Andy’s not-quite-but-almost crossed-eyes on Watch What Happens each weeknight.

Here are some NYTimes suggestions for summer reading, including Most Talkative.

The Atlantic has rules for the perfect summer read.

RIP DKNY Red Delicious

I have a little bit of a perfume problem in that I have perfumes for each season, therefore my perfumes last WAY too long. So last year I decided to use one until it’s gone, no matter what. I started with DKNY Be Delicious, which was discovered on a sniffing tour of Sephora and purchased at an Estee Lauder discount store in Midtown (it’s there, trust). 

Today I finally ran out. Goodbye, good friend composed of: Lychee Vanilla Bean Champagne Amber Apple Red Raspberry Patchouli Rose

I’m also ready to admit that I need to throw out Curve and Acqua di Gio, both of which I bought in 1999. I know.