Not a Food Blog

This is not meant to be a food blog, but interesting food news keeps coming up, like so:

Eater is celebrating burger week with a burger bracket challenge, and who can resist any bracket challenge? I’ve only had the Minetta Tavern’s Black Label Burger (way too thick), The Burger Joint (a fine burger, but not worth the trip to 57th Street considering I live in Brooklyn and work below Houston) and The Corner Bistro burger (great, but so crowded and I have no interest in fighting for a burg). And all that really matters – Shake Shack! My pea brain can’t even imagine a better burger than Shake Shack, so I’m voting for them in every round possible. And now Eater has taught me that I will exclusively be purchasing Martin’s Potato Rolls from now on with their deconstruction of the Shake Shack Burger.

Image by Shake Shack, via Eater


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