Here in New York, we have calorie count laws that require chains (15+ outlets) to post calories on menu items. There went my relationship with pretzel bites at the cinema. While I do adjust some decisions based on the numbers due to fear of having to be airlifted on a tarp out of my apartment when I die, it’s hard to really put the numbers in concrete terms. What even is a calorie? I know it’s a unit of energy, which is meaningless to me. But check out this proposed idea, which includes not only calorie listings but the much more informative-to-the-layman info on how much exercise it would take to work off the food:

Exercise Chart
Image via Fast Company

And why do we need this?

Because this is how fast we are becoming total porkers. This graphic shows the % of each state’s population defined as obese:

The Atlantic
Image via The Atlantic


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