Bummer Read of the Day

I flew from JFK to IND this week and, even with a delay, only managed to make it through last week’s New Yorker and half of the current Allure Magazine. There was just too much to read, from a David Sedaris piece on a stolen passport in Hawaii to a profile on a yappy CIA officer who told the world about the CIA’s use of torture in the last decade. Both of those articles are behind the paywall (ahem, I think they want us to just call it a less threatening “subscription” now) but the best of the bunch was a long read on abuse at the Horace Mann school in NYC. The hook, for me, is knowing how prevalent it was and that it went on unpunished to this day. They were crazily unbalanced and inappropriate relationships between teachers and students, although we are viewing it through the more prudish eyes of 2013 vs 1969. It’s a long read, yes, but if you’re at all interested it is well-researched and written from a former Horace Mann student. It’s free to read online.


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