In Today’s Food News..

Three Things:

1. This:


Photo by Dunkin Donuts

Can you tell what that is? It’s not a particularly shiny bagel. It’s a bacon and egg  sandwich on a glazed yeast donut. Do you want this? Does anyone want this? Just looking at this photo makes my stomach churn. An egg sandwich is a killer (maybe literally) treat in the morning, but I want to taste the egg and sausage and not have it muddled by a sweet, sweet donut. But now you know it’s an option.. assuming you live in Eastern Massachusetts, aka Dunkin Central. 

2. Image

Photo: Bradrussell/Imgur

I found this on GrubStreet, which starts out by saying “latte art’s annoying”. I guess I’m still a sucker for latte art, because I’m pleased as punch with a heart or that fern-type thing they normally do. But how great would it be to start your day with Ghostbusters latte art? So great. SO great. Also check out the Michael Jackson latte art they linked to.


3. Image

Detective Munch kept a food diary! Spoilers: He’s codependent on his dog, Bebe, a boy. And lives part-time in France. Of course.


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