How They Work

I love Lifehacker and have been reading it for years, maybe even since it launched or shortly after. They have taught me the glory of things I have adopted – Google docs, Dropbox, proper knife skills and some things I haven’t, like Evernote.

One of my favorite features on the site is called ‘How I Work’ which asks interesting and/or well-known people to fill out a survey on, yes, how they work. From essential gadgets, to sleep routine, to best advice received. This week, the staff is filling out their own ‘How I Work’ features. What could be better – lifehacking’s #1 tips from the Lifehackers themselves. 

Some recurring themes I’ve noticed – Most aren’t, like me, firmly in the Apple OR PC camp. Many use Evernote. Many use a standing desk. Most sleep regular hours, which is to say a strict bedtime. Most are introverts who make it work for them.

Check out the newest How I Work here. Along the right side of the page you’ll see older How I Work features from Felicia Day, Tim Ferriss, Guy Kawasaki, Maria Popova and more.


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