Summer Reading

It’s the official kickoff to Summer Reading season, where you are contractually relieved of guilt over never having finished Infinite Jest (it still looks nice on the bookshelf, though). To start the season right, I stopped by my neighborhood Barnes and Noble yesterday to get some book ideas.

I feel compelled to say that I just made a list of books to get for my Kindle. I still buy hardbacks and probably moreso than the average bear, but I don’t feel like I have to buy summer books. They are for enjoying and disposing. I did, however, find a new book of essays by Jonathan Franzen that I made a point to purchase a little later in the year.

A few other books I jotted down and got for my Kindle:

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green – I chose this by judging its cover and (surprise!) it ends up being Young Adult fiction about a girl with cancer in Indianapolis! She goes to the Castleton Mall, Holiday Park, etc. All my old haunts. 

I chose Just Kids by Patti Smith because everyone raves about it and mostly because I was intrigued after reading a profile that I thought was in the New Yorker, but now I can’t find.


Most Talkative by Andy Cohen – In it for the gossip. If I had cable, I’d fall asleep to Andy’s not-quite-but-almost crossed-eyes on Watch What Happens each weeknight.

Here are some NYTimes suggestions for summer reading, including Most Talkative.

The Atlantic has rules for the perfect summer read.


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