My RSS Subscripstions

I thought I’d share the sites I read via RSS in Google Reader. Alphabetically. In 3s. Only sites updated within the last year.

1. 1,001 Rules for My Unborn Son
A simple list by a dude whose son actually has been born since I started reading. Some are great rules:
Bundle up and go out in the storm. On foot.
Get your pumpkins from a pumpkin patch
Don’t sabotage the family portrait. Smile please.

2. A Cup of Jo
Only my favorite ladyblogger! As recommended by Jill. I was a little late to this game. She’s been blogging for years and I missed the engagement, marriage, pregnancy and birth of Toby. But now I’m all in and love that she updates on a regular schedule throughout the week. We have the same style, by which I mean I have no style and sometimes think of hers when I’m shopping. Basically, I just want to be her bff. I’ve found it difficult to not be annoyed by personal blogs. I went through that Mormon mommy blogger phase, but I can only deal with them for so long. Too much “my life is perfect and also my baby is the second coming of Christ and surprise I look like a J Crew model”. But A Cup of Jo perfectly mixes personal stories with fashion with NYC-centric posts. ❤

3. All About 5th
This has limited appeal – Park Slope residents only. Hopefully you have your own hyper-local blog. The highlight of this one is their regular rundown of store and restaurant openings and closings along 5th Avenue.


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