The Long Autumn of Roger Federer

Here is a fantastic article on Roger Federer and the long autumn of his career. What a perfect way of putting it. The author points out something that I felt within myself, but never realized it was actually coming from Federer. He says, “Federer has also acquired an aura of weird sadness over the past few years that’s hard to reconcile with the way we used to think about him”.

I am a Rafael Nadal girl through-and-through, but over the past year or two I’ve felt that weird sadness about Federer. It’s probably that I just don’t want things to change. I want another Wimbledon 2008. I want the US Open to finally see a Federer-Nadal match. I certainly don’t want Novak Djokovic to ascend to this throne. Does anyone?

Thanks to Kottke for the link.


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