essie n opi

One of the benefits of living in NYC is easy access to cheap manicures and pedicures. I go about every other week, which is about how long the pedicure lasts. The manicure lasts a solid week at least, then I remove it and use a clear polish to ride out the rest of the time.

Just this year, I’ve grown out of my classic red/pink rule and have added hot pink and coral. One day it just felt right and in the height of summer hot pink can work. I’m strictly speaking pigs, though. I stick with a light pink or neutral color on my hands because of the chipping factor.

This week I tried a different pink that I read about on A Cup of Jo, although I should probably have taken note that she describes it as a perfect wedding nail polish. It’s actually too bright and attracts too much attention to my hands. I just want them to look clean and polished. Polished as in profesh. I took a picture of my manicure, but I think the lighting distorts it too much, so here’s the bottle:

Essie Fiji
essie – Fiji

I need to stick with my classics for nails – essie – Ballet Slippers and essie – Madamoiselle. Simple and pretty is enough for me.

I like OPI’s reds better, so for my feet I go with them. I try to let my feet have all the fun. I’m not terribly picky on my shade of red, so sometimes I pick a fun name. Right now, I have Big Apple Red by OPI. It doesn’t seem to be in stock anymore, which is strange since it’s such a classic shade.

OPI Big Apple Red


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