The Poisonwood Bible

The Poisonwood Bible

I finally finished The Poisonwood Bible! This has been a years-long effort that involved one copy purchased at Half-Price Books and promptly lost and one copy purchased at a used furniture store in Naples, Florida. It was used as decoration for a bookshelf and cost $1.

The book has been recommended to me by several friends I love and trust, so I knew someday I’d have to get to it. It’s also the book most read by my friends on Good Reads.

And, yup, this Oprah selection from Y2K was fantastic. I enjoyed learning about the Congo, which was Zaire for most of my life. I didn’t know there were two Congos. I didn’t know we were behind the assassination of their elected leader. As always, it’s easier to be ignorant about these things.

I finally read The Corrections this year. And I think I can get through Freedom. Infinite Jest remains questionable.


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