Here’s a Thing

Tomorrow I am having lunch with one of my old bosses. And by boss I mean he was something like the adult advisor to this newspaper where I was editor-in-chief. That’s probably grammatically incorrect, so you’ll just have to trust that I was e-i-c. Can you imagine the me, of today, in that role? Maybe in bed with a staff of none. I manage my Twitter account. That’s about it. But this was a legit “teen” newspaper, with offices downtown and a distribution in the tens of thousands. I was profiled in my local paper for it. It’s just so funny to me that I ever did anything like that. But I suppose it led to majoring in Journalism in college, which led to working in PR for Vice Mag, which led to working for my current job in broadcast PR. So it all works out. Except that I probably peaked at 17.

It’s funny. I thought about this old boss once every few years, but he seemed to be MIA from Facebook, so what are you gonna do? I don’t believe in LinkedIn. Next. But I follow Jim Irsay, the owner of the Colts, on Twitter. And Jim recently tweeted some complaints about a journalist, which triggered my memory. A little more research and I found him! Jim Irsay was tweeting about my old boss! I especially liked this because Jim Irsay is one of my favorite people to follow on Twitter. He’s a crazy old coot. He was friends with Hunter S Thompson, which should explain everything. So, thanks, Irsay, and please see that the Colts play this season.


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