Spoke Too Soon

After gloating about my neighborhood, I tried to buck up and finally get to some spring cleaning. This mostly involves sorting through clothes that have been on my to-do list for years now. I’m paralyzed with inaction as I can’t decide whether to sell them on eBay or put them out for people to take. While amphetamines would have helped tremendously, I opted to motivate myself with my favorite latte at my favorite coffee shop – Gorilla Coffee. Except of course I had to do one last email, news and Twitter check before I left. And dont’chaknow!! Gorilla Coffee was trending on Twitter! Friends, that is NEVER a good thing. It usually means someone is dead. And indeed, Gorilla is at least temporarily dead. Their entire staff quit on Friday night and it’s been closed since then. Horror of horrors. I can only imagine the terrible working conditions if an entire staff unites together to quit, so good for them. Maggie Gyllenhaal and I hope they sort out their issues and return soon.

Yesterday’s 3/365 photo comes courtesy of me feeling sorry for myself over the loss of Gorilla Coffee. So I bought myself flowers:

3/365: My favorite coffee shop closed so I bought myself flowers


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