2 Things.

My neighborhood was named the best in NYC by Nate Silver, whose website I check obsessively around major election times. Gotta say I agree! I feel lucky to live here and prefer not to think about my pre-Park Slope years spent in the Village, Greenpoint, Midtown East and the Upper West Side. When I woke up this morning with the window open and breeze filling in my room, I laid in bed and identified all the sounds I heard – many birds chirping, an owl hooting, a small dog barking and a cat meowing. So nice!! My neighborhood has a reputation for being very parent and child-focused, but that’s not my experience at all. I’ve never been run over by a double-wide stroller and none of my friends discuss getting into PS 321 or drama at the local 3rd Street Playground. We just enjoy drinks outside at Mission Dolores or the Gate or Dram Shop and affordable/delicious dinner at al di la and Cherry Blossoms at the Botanical Garden. Park Slope. It rules, dude.

Speaking of, I started a 365 Photo Project. I take pictures with my iPhone every day anyway and I wanted to put my energies into some sort of project, so this is it. So in honor of Park Slope being #1, here’s yesterday’s photo:

Superhero Supply

Yep, a Superhero Supply store right down the street from my place. How great is that?

My photos are all posted on my Flickr, but I think I’ll put them here, too, so I can offer the stories behind them. We’ll see if this actually lasts 365 days.

That said, here is photo 1/365 of my coworker and 1/3 of my work bffs, Anthony. He is super photogenic. I could probably do a 365 photo project just of Anthony, but that would involve too much time in Greenpoint.


6 thoughts on “2 Things.

  1. You have a project. Named it and everything. With capitals. Proper nouns. Clearly important to you. And I have to find out about it HERE. NOW i know why you emailed me 3 times today! you felt guilty for not informing me of something you should have and probably were never going to! So you overcompensated, and since you never email me anymore it was quite shocking to see kellierenee 3 times in a row in my inbox!

    So like I said, hhhHHHMM-FUUUUH.

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