Magazines: In The Year Two-Thousaaand… and Ten?

Call me old-fashioned, but I’m still a believer in subscribing to the print edition of magazines. When I cancelled the New Yorker and just subscribed to their RSS feed, it was a chore getting through their 2million word articles. But once I caught up on several years here and there of old copies, I re-subscribed, and now feel my intellectual life is back in order. I don’t read every single article, because, honestly, on the commute today, I couldn’t handle reading about Pakistan’s nuclear issues. So I skipped ahead to the one about F Scott Fitzgerald in Hollywood. And this week they have new David Foster Wallace! Lest you think I always stick with the lighter side of it, know that I read that 25ish page article about the 8 Days of the Financial Crisis, which was quite possibly the most effort I’ve ever given towards a magazine.


I also subscribe to New York Magazine (not to be confused with The New Yorker), which is the one I am most excited to read each week. Sometimes they make me teary-eyed on the train, like with the recent feature on modern attitudes towards abortion or the dying teenage musician or the story of gays in Baghdad. But they also did this:

My God!

So, I love magazines. I love having two weeklies arrive each week and packing the unreads in my messenger bag for plane rides. Then I love recycling them.

The point of this post is the FUTURE of magazines. While reading magazines online is not something I normally want to even give a chance, this looks pretty cool:

As long as they can keep the interface simple, intuitive and quick to load, I’m in.

All due respect: I got this from Kottke.


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