Ya know that song with the chorus that goes “Give it to me right / Or don’t give it to me at all” ? I’m thinking you may know it because I have heard it in a hardware store, on the radio, on The Hills and I’ve read the lyrics on a friend’s Twitter. It samples that Zombies song, “It’s the Time of the Season”, which you DEFINITELY know. Anyway, my friend Victor played guitar on that track and recorded it and basically made it what it is.

He also recorded another song on her album, “It Kills Me”, which .. *drumroll* … was just nominated for a Grammy! He recorded the vocals for it and it was nominated for Best Vocal Performance. So, good for you, Victor, you made one of the best R&B songs of the year. You rule my world and the music world.

Bonus – he also recorded songs on albums by Jennifer Hudson and Leona Lewis in the past few years. Jennifer won a Grammy and Leona was nominated, which makes this the 3rd year in a row music that he has worked on has been nominated. So proud! Hopefully up next – BEYONCE!


One thought on “RIAA LOVE

  1. awww thanks for the shout out. you the best. But to clear up one thing – The J Hud song never went on the album. It actually ended up on Melanie’s album. That was the year that Emily King was nominated for Best R&B album which I worked on heavily 🙂

    Thanks for the love tho! Here I come Beyonce, watch out !

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