So one of my favorite blogs (I have many, you’ll see) is Possessionista. I know the name is silly, like Recessionista, but we can get past it. Credit: I’m not positive, but I THINK I got the link from my Internet-friend Erika of Flowers and Sausages fame. Someday I’d like to go to the mall with her…the good mall, that is.

Possessionista seems to be most well know for and popular because she tracked down clothes worn by Jillian Harris, The Bachelorette of summer  09. i was going to post some of Jillian’s cute clothes, but looking back, she was pretty partial to rompers. Then again, it was the summer of 2009 and that’s what girls of certain proportions rocked.

The first time Possessionista really grabbed my attention was when she posted a link to a purse when I was in the market for a new bag for my trip to Spain this past spring. I needed something cute enough for Europeans to judge me and roomy enough for my DSLR camera. Like an angel from the heavens, she posted this 12 days before my trip. I’m going to spare you the image she used because, uhm, the inspiration is from Miley Cyrus. Yes, Miley was spotted with this beg. Yes, Miley and I have the same bag. Miley is actually not the worst person on the Earth, which I am basing on her now deleted Twitter, but that’s another story for another day. I don’t particularly want to style myself after MILEY. But the purse is great. It’s roomy and soft leather and I love it and will buy more from the makers of it, The Sak. Here it is:

Win on that count. It was the perfect Spain purse. So a few weeks ago Possessionista again caught my eye by equating a pair of boots as being as necessary as that purse. Really? OK I WANT THEM NOW. But it’s Christmas. I can’t buy myself boots with Christmas coming up. Obviously they will go on my Christmas list. I keep the post ‘unread’ in my Google Reader so I keep going back to it.


I get to work one day last week and my boss had sent an email to all of her female employees asking if anyone wears a size 7? Uh, I do! And guess what? SHE GAVE ME THE BOOTS I SECRETLY WANTED/BOOKMARKED.

Life rules sometimes.

Here’s the boots:

I put them on today when she brought them in for me and never took them off, even though I was wearing a black and blue outfit. She told me it was okay because the boots are “cognac”, not brown. Ha! Seriously, though, I love them. Possessionista said to buy two pairs, and I’m gonna back her up on that. They are cute, comfortable and look great with dresses or long shirts and leggings. So just remember if you think hard enough about material goods you want on the Internet, sometimes they will just fall into your lap because your boss’s ankle-to-calf ratio is not suited for these boots so she gives them to you for free. OMG, did I just invoke The Secret?


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